The BIO party

I got suspended for the first time on Saturday night. T is very proficient at rope bondage and suspension so I decided that I would try it.

It was my first time playing in public, my first suspension, my first time having more than one person top me at a time, and my first time having a female top me at all. Two of our friends came with us to the party and it was a free for all on me once I was up.

Imagine that I am lying on the ground, face down, with just my legs pulled back into a hogtie. Now imagine that I am suspended in the air like this. I asked for my hands to be tied to the sides of the frame, because I like to have something to grip and to keep myself from swinging around. I thought that might make me dizzy so I wanted a little stability.

Then the three of them pinched and prodded and tickled and spanked and kissed and caressed me. I had asked for nothing too hard because I wanted my first experience like this to be a good one, and leave me wanting more. It certainly achieved its purpose!

The Wartenburg (sp?) wheel got pulled out and made me laugh, as usual. Someone put their hand over my mouth and did some breath control until I stopped laughing because I got a huge case of the giggles. My pig tails got pulled a whole bunch too. (I was dressed as a school girl, by request. )

It was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to try again. I don’t know how long I was up there for – I always lose my sense of time when I play – I don’t think it was very long because they wanted to keep it easy for me.

I knew that there was a bit of an exhibitionist in me somewhere. I thought that playing in public might be difficult because strangers are watching so I requested a blindfold so that I could play ostrich. I love sensory dep so being blindfolded increased the pleasure for me but I think that I could play in public without it now. I watched a few other scenes that were going on after I was let down, and I watched the other people watching, and I realized that I was grooving on the energy between the Top and bottom, and the energy coming from the spectators. It was a great party and I felt really comfortable. I think this party goes once a month, but next month will be the Conference of Kink instead. T is giving a seminar about rope bondage on the Friday night and I have asked if I can be one of his models.

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