GPA annoucement

I checked my grades today online. I’m kinda bummed about them, which makes me realize that I have definitely done the right thing by stepping down at work and taking less classes.

I got a B, two B+, and an A. Gave me a grade point average of 3.415.

I’ve been an almost straight A student since I went back to school, although those classes were all at college, not university. I’m cutting myself a break since I took four classes this past semester and it was my first time figuring out how the university worked in terms of marking. From now on, though, my goal is to not fall below a 3.5 average at the very least, which falls in between a B+ and A-. It’s achievable, so long as I study and don’t get distracted by … well, ya know. Life and stuff. My addiction. A social life. Getting smacked with things… no wait, I’ve gone too far. There is always time to get smacked with things.

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