Since when did the obvious become news?

I’m browsing the headlines of the Globe and Mail online and I click on an article called “Active play, and more of it, urged for kids.” The article says that it is good for kids to run around and play for about an hour and a half a day. They needed to do a study on this?

My god, when I grew up I wasn’t allowed to watch tv except for Mr Dressup and Sesame Street (which isn’t even called that anymore because it became unsafe for children – they renamed it “Sesame Park” so children wouldn’t go in the street – and don’t even get me started on Cookie Monster who talks about healthy snacks now!) and we never had video games. To this day I have never owned a Nintendo or a Play Station. We had a swingset and a sand box in the back yard; the elementary school was down the street with all the play equipment’ there was the creek and the trails and the canyon; My brother and I used to play kick ball in the yard with a beach ball and ghost players, with this plant being first base, the corner of the shed being second, and that tree being third. To entertain ourselves we would sometimes run the bases backwards, and even at a young age my bro was a true Boston fan and tried to get home runs over the Green Giant (ie the row of bushes separating the front and back yard). I remember my Mum making popsicles out of real juice and playing in one of those turtle pools and running through the sprinkler. I remember having a streetlight curfew where I could be out until it started to get dark.

Good memories, those.

And they needed to conduct a study to know that kids should have time to run around and play? Listen, if you’re throwing money around to get little or no new results, I’m looking for someone to pay me to sit around and think deep thoughts. Any offers?

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  1. starra74 says:

    Let us never forget… Sociology is the study of the patently obvious.

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