“I would like Beef Wellington”

That was what T tried to order last night (this morning?) at Denny’s. Man, was he drunk! There are pictures out there of him doing his “sexy dance” a la that big Scottish guy in “Austen Powers” and there’s a picture of him sucking Reive’s cock – I mean drinking out of a beer bottle … yeah there was lots of funny stuff last night.

Good party at Arwenoid and the Marmot’s house. It’s always good when kinky people, lots of sex toys, and booze come together in that lovely little harmony.

And hey, Arwenoid, “mother fucker!!!” should definitely be your new safe word, at the very least. *grin*

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2 Responses to “I would like Beef Wellington”

  1. arwenoid says:

    Ooh, good idea.

    Except that trust me, yelling “motherfucker” is totally involuntary. It just comes out!

    I so, so, so need those pictures. 🙂

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