Things that piss me off – Part 1

I am quite sure that there will be more posts under this title so I jumped the gun and called it “Part 1”.

1. Pushy opinionated people.
2. Tailgaters (and bad drivers in general, really)

Today, after class (that was almost completely pointless – could have stayed in bed and slept *grumble grumble*) I was chatting with two girls from my class and our prof about how some of the staff at the University were locked out last week. I’m not sure for how long and I hadn’t even heard about it but then, I no longer read the school newspaper after I discovered it’s just more pointless drivel from people I don’t know. The comparison was made with the CTV staff who came to work and were locked out of the building, only to discover later that they no longer had jobs. Because my prof is English and has only lived in Canada for 8 years, unions and our labour relations are a bit of a muddle for him and so we were explaining how lock outs work.

The next class was filtering into the classroom and this woman decided that she must join our conversation and educate us on the way that unions work. Now. I have friends who are part of unions and they are nice people. They seem to like unions just fine. And that’s great for them and I’m glad that it works. But, I was raised in a household with two parents who are anti-union – no joke, if you vote NDP in our family you might be disowned. I am now old enough to make my own decisions but I still believe as my parents’ believe – I personally have no desire to ever work a job where it was required that I join a union.

As this conversation progressed we got to talking of the bus driver strike a few years ago and how they were paid $50 per week while on strike. Obviously you cannot support a family on that money and this woman made the comment that some of them lost their house and more because of it. I should have kept my mouth shut. I had this woman’s number by this point and I knew that she would not like what I had to say, her being a union-lover and damn proud of it. But sometimes I just want to poke my stick inside the hornet’s nest.

“That’s one reason why I would never join a union,” said I.

“You might not have a choice!” union-lover shot back.

“Well, yes I would. I would never work a job that was part of a union.”

“You might not have a choice!” she said again. I wondered – am I speaking English? (I have this thought a lot. Usually it’s when I am trying to get a point across and the other person seems to be willfully misunderstanding me.)

“Yes I would. I wouldn’t take a job if I had to join a union.” Can I be more plain than that, I wonder silently.

“Some jobs still take union dues, even if you refuse to join the union,” she explained, as though to a stupid child.

“Yes, and I wouldn’t work a job that took union dues because I wouldn’t work a job that was a part of the union!” I turned away at the point and thankfully my two friends came with me so it wasn’t so much of a dismissal of the woman. I don’t like to be rude but I also don’t like to have other people’s opinions shoved down my throat. It doesn’t come through here in text but the woman was seriously antagonistic because I didn’t feel the same as her regarding this issue.

I’m all for discussion. I would be willing to have a conversation with one of my friends who is in a union what it is that they like about it, because I personally feel that the bad outweighs the good. However, I am not going to stand around discussing my politics with complete strangers, especially ones who don’t seem to understand that others are entitled to their own opinions.

After this happened I realized I needed to start the list- “Things that piss me off”.

The second thing I hate is tailgaters, which I confess, I used to do. I have been taking a different approach to driving recently – I’m trying to be more relaxed and less aggro. It seems to be working because I hardly ever yell at anyone anymore (unless they are really stupid) and I don’t feel stressed out afterwards, either. I was coming home today from B’s house and this man was tailgating me so closely on the highway and bridge that I honestly thought that if I slammed on my brakes, he would rear-end me. Not in my brand new car, thank you very much! I pulled into the slow lane and let him pass me, and watched him immediately move up to the next  car and start tailgating them. This is in rush hour so it’s not like he was going to get anywhere any faster – there’s a solid line of cars on the Second Narrows bridge at that time of day.

On the good side of things, I have already done three loads of laundry, and cleaned and reorganized my kitchen, so tomorrow I can sleep in as long as I want and not feel guilty. Then I shall meander down to Walmart and buy some plants and other miscellaneous items. Oh, and grocery shop. I hate not having an abundance of food in the fridge.

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