Moral questions

~ Tonight, at T’s house. Lisa and I are stoned. ~

Lisa: I know the difference between good and wrong.

Me: laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

T: Because good is like good and bad is like Hitler.

Me: More laughing.

~ Being stoned every once in awhile is a funny thing. ~

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  1. aka_eve says:

    lol It all makes sense at the time! Here’s some words of wisdom from the first time I got *really* high:

    me: “Hey… um… uh… you know… this is really… um.. cool… I wonder why…. uh… people don’t do this… like… all the time?”

    him: “Um, babe… they do.”

    Later on that night:

    *me giggling so hard I thought I was going to hyper-ventilate while trying to stress the importance of how badly I needed to go pee while he sat on top of me trying to shut me up.*

    Him, boarding on anger: “I’m not going to let you up until you stop giggling! If you leave this room you’re going to get us evicted, I’m supposed to be the resident advisor!”

    *even more fits of giggles while trying not to pee all over the both of us…* Why I thought the situation was so funny I have no idea, but the more serious he got, the funnier I thought it was! (We lived in a dorm-style residence at UBC in first year. The washrooms were communal.)

    Footnote: I was under athletic contract for most of high school, so I had to be extremely careful with anything that I put into my body (even certain prescriptions drugs or cold medications could cause me to fail a drug-test!) so it wasn’t until first-year university that I was able to get high without having to worry about the consequences of finding trace elements of something in my system. A. was a chronic back in high-school so when he offered to double-hoot me (he took pity on my virgin lungs lol) I was all for it. I woke up the next day and could hardly move. I think all that laughing was the best ab workout I’ve ever done!

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