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A long “daily” entry about nothing too important, cut for your Friends page ease of reading. *smile*

I am a Spyro addict. I stayed up until 3:30am last night playing the stupid game. I guess it’s better to get it out of my system before school starts again next week so that I can focus back on reading, reading, and more reading.

I decided yesterday to start a journal of the books that I have read. I’m so particular about books that I add to my collection – I never buy a book unread. Only books that I have already read and know that I will want to reread get added to my bookcase, or books by particular authors that I enjoy. But so often I get books from the library and read them, like them, and then don’t think about them for a few years. By then I have forgotten the title and the author and I have a devil of a time trying to track them down. So, I will start a journal and record what I read and then I will have a way to trace.

Today I am going back to my chiro after almost two years. He does chiropractic in a way that most do not practise – it doesn’t involve twisting or actively cracking the back but rather he uses a special bed that uses gravity to make the adjustment. When I was going to him before, my IBS symptoms disappeared. The way he explained it to me, the digestion nerves all join the spinal cord in the lower back, and my lower back was where it was out of alignment. This means that the messages my digestive system were sending to my brain were getting scrambled and that results in digestive problems. It was the most amazing thing to me – to be able to eat anything I wanted without getting stomach cramps, gas, diarrhea, and all the other lovely symptoms of IBS.

I’m hoping that with my better eating habits, my goal of hitting the gym at school four days a week come September, Purple Dragon twice a week, and now the chiro on top of it to keep everything in place, hopefully I will be able to lose some of this extra weight. The problem with staying at my parents’ house when they are out of town is that there are mirrors all over this house, and I like to walk around nude. It’s hard to ignore what the body looks like with floor to ceiling mirrors everywhere you turn.

This afternoon I am also meeting an old friend for coffee, who I haven’t seen in almost two years as well. He was one of my employees when I was a manager for the Green Cult, and now funnily enough, I am a lowly barista and he is an assistant manager. Two of my shift supervisors moved on to become assistant managers, and my best friend was once one of my baristas. I gotta figure that I must have been doing something right those days. Of course, with two years hindsight I know that there were things I could have done better, but still, I think that my managing days could be put down as a success.

That said, I have decided (for now, anyway) that I will quit the Green Cult when I go to Prague next summer for my last few courses. I had played around with the idea of taking a leave of absence but all that does is make it so much easier to go back to full time when I get home, rather than looking for a real grown up job (by which I mean a 9-5 business job) instead of continuing to work shift work and customer service. I am so sick of customers! My one little shift a week always ends up with me in the back room, unpacking orders or doing whatever I can to avoid being on till and smiling with such insincerity at the addicts. Don’t get me wrong – customers at my store are generally a nice bunch. But I’m done with the idea of it. At 16 I started working for McD’s and so for the past 10 years I have stood behind a counter and been nice to people. It’s time for something different.

My Dad is going to see if he can arrange some “shadowing” with people at Vancouver Coastal for me, during Christmas break and perhaps also before Prague. It would be interesting to work in health care, especially with my philosophical background. I am planning on attending an Ethics conference that VGH is hosting in November, which will be talking about patient care and such. I think it will be a good peephole into the kinds of issues and the kinds of jobs that that kind of area holds.

It feels good to have some kind of plan. But I think that I am going to continue with my stock phrase for when people ask me, with an incredulous and sometimes mocking edge to their voice, “How are you going to make any money with philosophy and humanities?”

I reply, “Will I be supporting you? No? Then it’s really none of your business.”

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  1. matt79 says:

    We should chat sometime. I’m in health care, with a philosophy background. Plus, you’re a fun girl. 🙂

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