The new gym

I had such good intentions to work out at the gym at school. I brought all the clothes I needed and I even went into the building after class! But alas, I forgot my stupid shoe tag and I refused to pay $4 for a free service so instead I am at home, eating chips and playing video games. *sigh*

The gym has just been moved to a new location and it’s absolutely fabulous. It made me actually want to spend time inside. It used to be very small and cramped with all the machines, and looked out over either the gym or the pool with no natural light. Now it faces south, has windows and skylights all along the southern exposure, and two floors to accomodate all the machines. Cardio is upstairs, weights and lots of mats for stretching and stuff downstairs. Yay!

Of course, I had to deal with the snarky fitness people. I had looked up the facility on the SFU website (and let me tell you how ridiculous that website is to navigate) and from what I read, there is the regular weight room and then there is the BOG. The BOG has mostly free weights and room for plyometrics (explosive movements such as step ups or jumping over objects) and is reserved for athletes. When I went up to the desk in the gym to ask if I could still work out I decided to ask about how one is allowed to train in the BOG. The girl looked at me condescendingly and said, “That’s only for athletes.” I looked her back straight in the eye and said, “Good because I am an athlete. I’m a martial artist and according to the website, that facility sounds like it has what my program requires.” It turns out that because of the expansion, the regular gym will do just fine for me, but I was still irked that because I am not slender or cut with muscle it is assumed that I am not an athlete.

But whatever. Letting it go. I am happy about the facility and I plan to use it for my first workout tomorrow, so long as I remember my little blue tag.

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