How good of a first impression is it for me that in my tutorial today, my prof told everyone that last semester I told her to shut up? *laughing* And then I chimed in and said that I also told her she was being close minded. Although she was and she admitted it…

This was the first tutorial for my Religions class and I hope that it is going to turn out well. People get so judgmental about religion and close their minds to other points of view and then it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to hold a rational discussion with them. I am openly agnostic – I find religions fascinating but nothing has convinced me one way or the other in terms of belief. We already had a guy in the class, who told us that he is a Sikh (I hope I spelled that correctly), make a fuss when the prof was talking about the “one true god.” This was directly after she told us that she is going to try to interpret the texts that we read from the point of view of a believer of that religion, or as the authors of the text would have thought. And for today we had to read Genesis and Exodus from the Hebrew tradition, and in those two books it makes reference to “the one true god” and “the chosen people”. She had to stop again and explain for the second time in five minutes the way that she would be presenting the information.

So we know we already have one trigger-happy person … I’m sure there are more, just lurking for now.

This has been a tiring week for me because I got asked to work an extra shift yesterday. A few of our staff had family emergencies and there was no one to cover their shifts except my seven month pregnant manager who was about to have a nervous breakdown after working a couple of 12 hour days. I saved the day and went in for 4 hours yesterday but it threw my sleep patterns off because I had been hoping to sleep in yesterday and catch up. Then this morning I almost missed my tutorial because I had set my alarm for PM instead of AM and woke up half an hour later than I meant to.

Still, everything is going well. I had coffee with my best friend yesterday who I hardly ever see anymore and we had a great conversation. I gave her a birthday present, which is not something that we normally do, and she loved it. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, I think, to give a gift to someone and see the joy that lights up their face when they open it. There are only a few gifts that I have given that have prompted that reaction but it’s so worth it when it happens. After our conversation yesterday I feel rejuvinated and ready to face my problems again. I feel so lucky to have a friend that I can be totally honest with and who I know will always be honest with me. Honesty hurts sometimes but the friendship that can be built upon it is so awesome.

I think I will go nap now in the philosophy common room before my next class.

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  1. kinky_tink says:

    I’m openly atheistic (as I don’t believe in a whole heck of a lot of anything), but I took a series of religious studies at UBC so that I could at least know what it was I was claiming to not believe in. I like to believe that I’m open-minded and loved having the chance to understand religious beliefs beyond the wikipedia versions. I hope you enjoy the classes as much as I did.

  2. boundkitty8 says:

    I totally agree with you, it is totally awesome to give someone this wonderful gift and you know they really do like it and are appreciative too. One year I got my Grandfather (dad’s side) a sweater shirt with ducks on it, like a painting. He loved it. I actually got a smile that year instead of the usual shrug.

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