What I do on my weekends

I have 280 pages of reading to do for the three classes where I have the actual books for the courses. That doesn’t include the four online articles that I have to download from the journal archive on the library site. I’m not behind on my reading, nor am I reading ahead. That’s what I have been assigned for this week.

Oh, and I have a ridiculous “treasure hunt” for one class which is requiring me to go up to the school today and run around the library like I’m 10 years old.

Oh, and I have an 8 page paper that I need to start drafting out.

Oh, and a term paper that I need to start musing over.

Oh, and I need to get most of it done today because tomorrow I have a martial arts tournament that will take up the majority of the day.

It’s noon. I got up at 9:30 to get some laundry done. I showered, ate breakfast, cleaned my kitchen, and now I am waiting for the last load to be finished in the dryer so that I can drag my ass up to the university and get some work done.

And I still don’t think I can go to the gym because of my ankle.

But you know what? Full time school is still way better than full time work.

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