Just … strange.

Reddish pinkish plaid shirt.

Khaki pants.

Blue socks speckled with white.

And green shoes.

Did the guy in my class tonight get dressed in the dark or did somehow he get the idea that all colours match all others and are even better when worn all together? Seriously, WTF??

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3 Responses to Just … strange.

  1. arwenoid says:

    hee. As someone who occasionally (well, frequently…) looks like a fashion train wreck, I can totally appreciate that particular look. 🙂

    • Erin says:

      Yes but some people can carry it off. They look like they intended to wear all kinds of colours and so therefore it works. He looked like … well, like he thought the outfit looked pulled together, not like he was intending to be a bit funky.

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