Spring semester 2007

I planned out my next semester tonight when I should have been finishing my essay. Oops.

However, I did figure out that I am going to finish my extended minor in philosophy, now that I have discovered some lovely upper division ethics courses. I love ethics. This means that I am going to be in school for an extra semester and graduate next Christmas but I am okay with that. Actually, I’m more than okay with that, since I wasn’t looking forward to being done next summer.

The classes for January are:

Religion in Context: Original Sin and the Philosophers (taught by my favourite prof, Chris)

Medieval Studies (my favourite time period of history)

Great Themes in the Humanistic Tradition: The Problem of Nihilism

Ethical Theories: A highly focussed, advanced examination of a selection of topics in normative or meta-ethics

And also a directed studies course, with Chris as the over-seeing prof, where we will be looking at some kind of early Christian theory.

I’m really excited about all these courses, which is a very good sign. I was really excited about my courses this semester and here I am at week 8, still excited and still keeping on top of everything. Except my essay. I must go write a conclusion right now.

PS. Yay for hyperlinks and yay for Wikipedia!

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