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The show Scrubs actually makes me laugh out loud.

The Canucks won tonight. I get to go to the game on Friday as a belated birthday thing with my Dad.

“How do you explain to someone like that that just because you’re not in the majority doesn’t mean you’re automatically wrong?” ~

 wrote this in a comment on her blog today. This is the problem with “majority rule”. We have the idea that if ‘everyone’ thinks that ‘x’ is correct then it must be correct. And sometimes, it actually isn’t. What happens then?

“I wanna hit that” is officially my new favourite line. It makes me giggle whenever I think it. Or hear it. Or read it. “I wanna hit that.” *giggle snort*

I have eaten so many salt and vinegar potato chips in the last few days that my mouth is raw. And yet, I just can’t stop.

I am using my crock pot tomorrow for the first time this fall. I’m doing steak with cream of mushroom soup mix, potatoes, carrots, celery, and some barley in the gravy. Mmmm. The best thing about the crock pot is that I can put it on when I get home from work tomorrow morning and then when I get home from school around 6ish, it’ll be done, bubbling gently and making my house smell like yummy delicious food. I love my crock pot.

And last but certainly not least of twilight’s random and unconnected thoughts tonight, I am getting a La-Z-Boy chair. I’m so excited. I have to head out to the gallery at some point soon and take a look around. I went onto the website and found 10 different chairs that I thought would be perfect but they have no prices on the website (how irritating is that?) and you just never know until you sit in one whether it’s the right one for you. I figure that I need a chair like that to do some really good philosophy in. And since I’m finishing the extended minor now, and thinking about the possibility of grad school, I need a chair. I need the image in my head of me, reclining in my oh so super comfy chair with a philosophical text in hand and a mug of tea. Or a glass of wine, depending on the time of day. Ahhhhh. Can’t wait.

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6 Responses to idle musings

  1. arwenoid says:

    ooh, grad school! I’m envious.


  2. dekucat says:

    simple answer to the majority rule thing – when in doubt, consult the marmot. marmot is ALWAYS right.

    Seriously, the majority rule thing rubs my furry marmot rump the wrong way, especially when you’re dealing with minority sub-sets in a majority population. However, in the particular case of world against arwenoid, I side with the world.

    I think your la-z-boy chair image needs a pipe, too. Nothing says philosophical pondering like a pipe.

  3. vivbcp says:

    And don’t forget a little side table to put your crock pot on within arms reach (for mid-philosophy munching).

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