I keep waking up in the mornings with my pinky and ring fingers asleep, and it goes up my hand and all the way up to my elbow. It doesn’t seem to make a difference which way I am lying and it’s not like I’m lying on top of my arms and cutting off the circulation. The circulation comes back almost immediately when I flex my hands and it doesn’t get the pins and needles feeling. I think to myself every morning that I should get it checked out or at least google to see if it’s important or dangerous or whatever, but then I forget.

But you know what I didn’t forget tonight? It’s daylight savings. That means one extra hour of sleep. Hurray!

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  1. arwenoid says:

    Ah! I get that a lot. It’s affected by your ulnar nerve (ie, your funny bone). Essentially, you have the opposite of carpal tunnel syndrome, you have cubital tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel affects the thumb, pointer, middle finger & half of the ring finger (and the portion of the hand attached to those fingers)… cubital tunnel affects the other half of the ring finger and the pinkie.

    Freakin’ annoying. I get it when I’ve been typing too much, riding the motorcycle, knitting, taking notes, or otherwise pissing it off too much. It usually goes away pretty quickly, although a couple of years ago persisted for a whole two weeks. That was obnoxious… you’d be surprised at how hard it is to type with little feeling in two of your fingers. 🙂

    • Erin says:

      See, that’s crazy, because according to one chiropractor that I went to, I don’t have carpal tunnel or repetitive stress but I’m close to both. In other words, he said that if I kept doing the same activities (ie. working at Starbucks) then I would end up with one or the other. And I always have problems in my wrist and my thumb which would be consistent with carpal tunnel … so maybe I’m extra lucky and I have both?


      • arwenoid says:

        Could very well. 🙂 I have slight carpal (all of my hobbies are “repetitive stress” inducing) and more annoying cubital. Different nerves are involved, so it’s definitely possible to get both.

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