Hallowe’en Grinch

I’ve never been much into Hallowe’en. There was one year when I went out with my friends and when people asked me what I was supposed to be,  I glared at them and said, “A pedestrian.” The whole costume thing just hasn’t ever been my style and partying for the sake of an occasion has long since not been my style. There were a couple new year’s eves in a row where I stayed home and read my book, wondering what the fuck was going on with all the noise at midnight until realizing, “Oh yeah, it’s New Year’s.”

Last night I bailed on a party that I had said I would attend. Then my brother called me up and asked if I wanted to go downtown with him and his girlfriend. I said no. Then Arwenoid invited me over to watch a movie. I said no. Then my best friend called me up and asked if I wanted to hang out. Guess what I said? No.

Instead, I stayed home, watched Toronto beat Montreal and Edmonton beat Washington, reformatted my laptop (yay me!), and did some homework. The plan of attack for today? Clean my house, start two essays, start moving files from my desktop to my laptop in anticipation of the reformatting there, do laundry, and watch Family Guy tonight.

On days like this, I love my life.

And I’m not being facetious.

Hey, did you know that the word “facetiously” is the only word in English that uses all the vowels in order?

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