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I attended a focus group at SFU today about local food – do you buy it, where, would you buy local food if it were available on campus, how would you advertise that it was available, information about the community gardens here on campus and in communities, etc. It was great to be able to give my voice to this issue as sustainability is something that is important to me. The project to get more local food to campus has received funding from the government and it’s an 18 month project so I might not be here when things get from the planning stage to the implementation stage, but that’s okay.

They fed us, which was nice, and the food was from the organic deli that is in the Cornerstone building. It was fantastic. I ate soup, which I never do because I never like soup but this was really good. And we had sandwiches as well – again, pre-made sandwiches usually give me the heebie-jeebies but these were delicious. For the occasional times that I buy food on campus, I will be trying to get out to this deli. It’s just too bad that it’s all the way across campus from where my classes usually are, but the inconvenience of the 15 minute walk is offset by the fact that all other food on campus is absolutely terrible. So bad, in fact, that if I forget to bring food I would rather go hungry than buy food because it always makes me feel gross and usually sets off an IBS attack.

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  1. dekucat says:

    I love that deli – pricier than the rest of SFU, but infinitely better. It’s absurd just how vile food is on the hill. I was really encouraged by the local food survey and it’d be great to see more tasty stuff.

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