Trip to the dentist this morning. My insurance from Starbucks is no more because of the amount of hours that I work so hopefully I won’t have any more problems. In the past two months I have had to have three fillings. I think that two of them were fillings that had already been done previously but needed to be done again. Apparently when you grind your teeth as I do in my sleep it pulls at the fillings and eventually food gets underneath it and starts to rot your tooth again. *sigh* So now half my face is frozen and half my tongue. It makes it interesting to try to get the straw for my coffee in my mouth.

I have a paper due tomorrow that is 25% of my grade, and while my thesis and my plan for the paper is awesome, I can’t seem to get it to come together in a coherent paper that sounds anything but disjointed. I’ll be working on that tonight until the wee hours of the morning – I may even go to the all-night coffee shop by my parents’ house so that I can concentrate. Send happy coherent paper writing thoughts my way, please.

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  1. dekucat says:

    *marmot sends lots of paper-writing-positive-karma your way with a wave of magic marmotpaws*

  2. arwenoid says:

    I feel your pain. I got all these ideas for this dumb composition I have to write, but I can’t manage to string together two sentences that don’t sound completely stupid. Worse, my “audience” is supposed to be 10 yr old boys.

    As it turns out, I talk down to children. Sheeit.

    On the upside, that 24 hour coffee joint by your parents place rocks. 🙂

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