The good news: the essay is almost done and it’s only 10:50. I need a proper thesis, a conclusion, a segway in the middle to tie my two pieces together, and a last revision (which will be done tomorrow before I print it out).

The good news: I’m at the 24 hour coffee shop in Lynn Valley, feeling quite comfortable with my laptop and clearly able to work. I’m drinking decaf and wondering if I can cheat and eat a pastry. I’m trying not to eat things like that but my brain needs sugar and shoving more vegetables into my stomach is clearly not satiating the craving.

The good news: this coffee shop offers free internet! I debated whether this should go in the good or bad column but as I’ve already used it a few times to check relevant points for my essay, it ended up in the good column. And besides, I can take a break and come to LJ. How great is that?

The bad news: the coffee shop is packed and mostly with loud and obnoxious teenagers. It’s a school night. Don’t they have anywhere they should be, like not here, screaming and disturbing serious university students? Sheesh!

The bad news: it reminds me of myself as a teenager and gives me yet another thing to cringe about when I remember how much of an offensive, immature, ungrateful brat that I was. Thank god I grew out of that phase!

(Okay to be honest, I’m sure I can sometimes be offensive. And I can be immature but only when I’m drunk and it’s funny. And I can be a brat but only if my Top enjoys that. However, I am never ungrateful. :P)

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  1. arwenoid says:

    I’m pretty sure all teenagers are offensive, immature, ungrateful brats. 🙂

    I’m told that North Van kids are all hoodlums who have nothing better to do on a school night than hang out at coffee shops and/or get drunk.

    (…sort of like Cloverdale kids. Except when we get drunk enough, we go cow tipping. Oh god, I’m glad I’m not 16 anymore…)

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