House is the only show I tape, other than reruns of Law and Order, and Without a Trace. I have been enjoying it quite a bit up until now but I gotta tell you, after tonight’s show, House is just pissing me off. He’s being a prick and not a funny one at that. I’m not liking the whole side storyline of the cop squeezing his friends, etc and I’m not liking House’s attitude to whatshisname, his friend who is covering his ass.

Now I’m irritated, at a fictional character no less, and I have to go to bed with my stupid memory foam pillow that my chiropractor asked me to try. I am giving it a 7 day trial run – tonight is night #4 and I’m still not liking it very much. I sleep with very flat pillows and sometimes with no pillow at all because I don’t like to have my head up very high. I know that the memory foam sinks a bit but it’s still too high to be comfortable. However, he thinks that it will help my neck as well as prevent my fingers from going numb, as they are on a regular basis when I wake up. Apparently it’s my neck being compressed with the pillow that causes the numbness so use the memory foam and the compression goes away. Well, the compression has gone away but the insomnia is back because I’m not comfortable.

I envy people who can just … go to bed. It’s not that simple for me, although I had been in a good stretch for the last little while. Getting rid of stress, eating properly, and getting exercise will do that for you. But bad pillows = stupid.

I went to yoga last night for the first time in months and while it wasn’t a strenuous class (I wasn’t sweating or breathing hard) I can feel all my muscles today that got stretched. It was a different instructor than usual for that class because the usual one is on vacation until next week. The one who is normally there runs us through at a quicker pace, resulting in more sweat and more difficulty breathing. This instructor last night focussed a lot on opening our hips which is very beneficial as a martial artist because it means higher kicks. I want to try to work this yoga class into my schedule every week, starting now, because not only does it have the martial arts benefits and the health benefits of stretching but it also is mentally very soothing. The instructor last night said to us, “There is only now,” and that is what I repeated to myself for the hour and fifteen minutes. Anything that was stressing me out or bothering me got put aside so that I could spend that time getting back in touch with my body. In my hectic life that is extremely important, and since this seems to be a pivotal year for me in terms of health, it’s time that I dedicated some of my schedule to my mental health.

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    *wonders about memory foam technology and fucking*


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