Adopt A Family

I was reading this thread and I realized that I want to do this.

But – I’m poor and I can’t afford the $150 all by myself.

If 5 people join me, then it’s $30 per person.

6 people = $25

7 people = $21

8 people = $18

I know that none of us are rich. I know that you might already donate to other charities. But I thought this could maybe be a cool thing that we could do together.

I can only afford to do it if at least 4 other people join in, so please comment below if you would be interested in chipping in. If we get to 5, I will email and let you know.

Thanks guys. Happy Christmas.

Update: For a minimum donation of $50, on December 16th we could visit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and put together a basket, personalize a Christmas message, get fed with yummy Nando’s chicken, and possibly win prizes. Between arwenoid, aka_eve and her fiance, and myself, that is only $16 each, or we could each put in $20 and do a $60 donation. Unless anyone else joins us and then we can re-evaluate. I would be willing to go to this on the 16th but it would be nice to have a buddy.

Update #2: arwenoid, aka_eve, kinky_tink, and myself = $80. If we get one more person to chip in $20, we could do 2 baskets. Yay! I heart my friends.

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16 Responses to Adopt A Family

  1. arwenoid says:

    Alas, I’m out — I do like to donate money around Christmas, but I won’t do it through Christian organizations.

    I’ll probably send money to WISH like I did last year, though..

  2. aka_eve says:

    Very cool idea and good for you for taking the initiative. We’re already giving to World Vision, Compassion, Amnesty International, and Operation Christmas Child, so we wont be able to join in on this one. I hope you can find a few others who are able to contribute!!

  3. aka_eve says:

    Unfortunately I wont be able to make it on the 16th, I have my last final exam on that day.

    I’d still really like to support the Adopt a Family program, I thought that was such an exceptional idea! (We already donate to the food bank throughout the year.)

    It’s disheartening to think that supporting a family in need is conditional, based on the fact that the Salvation Army is a Christian organization. They make such a difference in so many peoples lives. Giving, like love, shouldn’t be conditional…

    • Erin says:

      I agree. But in the interest of getting the most money for a donation, I’m okay with switching charities.

      But I tell you what: if you want to ask around at your church or your school friends or whoever and can find some people who would be willing to Adopt a Family, I think that I can manage to make both donations. I’ll to Adopt a Family with you and the Food Bank with the other guys.

      • aka_eve says:

        You’re amazing. I talked to Adam and rather than doing another donation to the Food Bank, he’d love to support the Adopt a Family program. So we’re going to ask a few of our friends and I’m sure we can get another 5-6 people who’d be up for something like this! Again, BIG HUGS to you for your compassionate heart, and especially for your willingness to give to both donations! Please don’t feel obligated though, I know how tight a student’s budget is! I’ll keep ya posted via email!

    • kinky_tink says:

      It’s not the idea that “supporting a family in need is conditional” but there are many choices of charities to support. Just as some people refuse to do business with organizations for their lack of business ethics (think free trade coffee for a simple example), I prefer agencies that are non-religious, that is to say of ANY religious connection, not just Christian.
      Specifically I disagree with many of the Salvation Army’s rules and restrictions, such as “Practising homosexuals are not admitted to membership”…because it’s immoral.
      I agree entirely with you that “giving, like love, shouldn’t be conditional”

      • kinky_tink says:

        oops, I meant “fair trade coffee”

        • Erin says:

          Not that you were obligated to, but I’m glad you explained. I think that is a very valid reason to avoid the Salvation Army.

          So you, me, and arwenoid can donate to the Food Bank and it’s all good. I hope to come for a little while to the Kinky Christmas on Saturday but I’ve been feeling absolutely wretched and have barely eaten for the past two days so we’ll have to see how it goes. If I make it, do you think you could pass me the money then? I’ll register for the basket thingy with my Visa.

      • aka_eve says:

        Thanks for the clarification tink 🙂

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