I got the snowy blues

I’m not a snow person.  Maybe when I was a very young child I enjoyed playing in it (in fact, I have a memory of building the best snow fort ever in the front yard where my dad had piled all the snow he shoveled off the driveway) but as I got older, I stopped liking being cold and wet. I don’t ski. I don’t snowboard. I don’t do snowball fights. The last time I came close to snow was when I was in Switzerland staying at a hotel that one has to take a gondola to get to, and my fellow Contiki-ers thought it would be amusing to pick me up and stick me head first into the snowbank.

Yesterday I drove home from the belt change ceremony at my dojo and it was just starting to snow. My back hurt from standing still for four hours during the presentations and although I was supposed to go to a wedding shower, I bailed and stayed home. I seriously thought the snow would stop. This is Vancouver. We get dustings of snow, not full blown snow! And yet, when I awoke this morning, it was to more of the white stuff floating past my window.

It put a little crimper in my plans to go to the campus today, use the gym and then write two papers. Instead, I pulled on my raincoat and walked down to Indigo to get a coffee and wander around the bookstore. I bought two fiction books and a cookbook, loaded them into my backpack which I had thoughtfully brought with me, and jumped on the bus back to Lonsdale. Grabbed some groceries from Safeway to tide me over until I can pull the car out again, and then caught the bus the rest of the way up the hill, leaving me a ten minute flat walk back to my house.

You see, I am one of those drivers in the snow. I’m cautious. I go slowly. That pisses other people off and then they drive badly. Therefore, I tend to leave the car at home when it snows and either walk or take transit if I have to go out. I was hoping that the SFU website would say that there was so much snow that the university was closed but alas, no such luck. Tomorrow I will be taking transit up there and looking at the Translink website, in a best case scenario it would take me 51 minutes. I’m thinking that snow in Vancouver is not exactly best case, so lets tack some time on and figure an hour and fifteen minutes. Each way. In a vehicle that is almost guaranteed to make me feel motion sick. Ugh.

So yeah. I’m done with the snow. It looked pretty for a while but it can warm up and turn back into rain any time now.

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2 Responses to I got the snowy blues

  1. arwenoid says:

    I love snow. I don’t love travelling in snow, though… I drive like a granny in the snow, and it’s paid off — I remember coming home from Cypress (I used to be a lift operator) one night when it was snowing, foggy, and I could barely figure out where the road was… a jackass in an SUV passes me, and sure enough, a mile down the road he’s in the ditch. “Hey jackass, EVERYBODY has four wheel stop…”

    Any time I need to be anywhere on time via transit when it’s snowing, I allow twice the time I normally would. I’m usually early… but annoyingly, not always. :/

    ‘Course, I also often take longer routes to avoid walking more. 😀 Like tonight, coming home from Danielle & Paul’s in Kits… to avoid walking an extra 4 blocks, I ended up going half an hour out of my way, taking the bus that looped through downtown.

    But it was a WARM half an hour out of my way… 🙂

  2. kinky_tink says:

    I’m going to have to do transit in the morning as well. I’m not even sure if my students will show up as, mostly being from Southeast Asia, they don’t do to well in the white stuff. I figure I’ll have to leave 30 minutes early, for a drive that usually takes me 10 minutes in the morning. Bleh.

    But I’m with you…I’m not risking the drive. Buses are big. Bad drivers bounce off them. Much much safer.

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