This week has sucked ass

First, my previous post about having the Snowy Blues.

Then, waking up yesterday with the most extreme IBS flare up of my life, and believe me when I say that that means something.

(If you’re squeemish about bowels and IBS, you probably don’t want to read any further, although it’s not nearly as graphic as it could have been. *grin*)

I could barely eat anything because as soon as it hit my stomach, my bowel was in incredible pain. Imagine the feeling of your stomach being raw on the inside, like bleeding raw, and then pumping stomach acid into it. That’s what my bowel felt like.

So yesterday I barely ate and could barely move because my back hurt so much. I was lying on my floor (I live in a basement with a floor so cold I have to wear slippers all the time, even in summer, or my feet will get frostbite) on top of my yoga mat, trying to stretch a little bit in the hopes that my muscles would relax. My couch was making things worse and I was wishing that I had my new chair already because it would have been lovely.

Talked to my Dad on the phone and started crying. I dunno why. My parents are both equally caring and if it hadn’t been for the snow my Mum would have been at my house looking after me in a heartbeat but my Dad is the person I turn to when I am in pain or when I’m scared. I will always remember being in Emergency, having an allergic reaction to a medication, and telling my boyfriend to go call my dad. He tried to tell me it would be okay, that we could get a cab home, and I put my foot down (and possibly raised my voice – I was in the emergency hooked up to a heart monitor, for goodness sake) and told him to go call my Dad. When he got there, I felt calmer because everything would be okay. He’s just got that energy. So you’d think when I talked to him on the phone that I would have felt the same way but no. I was suddenly so tired of being in pain and I was exhausted from dealing with the stress of my digestive system.

I took a couple Advils which helped my back but didn’t do anything helpful for my bowel. Slept as long as I could this morning to avoid having to deal with another day like yesterday, although it’s been a bit better. My back has felt better and I managed to eat some soup at around 6pm which sat nicely so I tried some jello which was also good and then some cereal which was not so good but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

I didn’t have to go to school yesterday as it was closed, or today because my prof canceled our class last week, but I do have to go tomorrow and turn in a paper that I wrote today, all delirious on lack of sustenance. Luckily my Dad is going to drive me so that I don’t have to be on transit for an hour and a half each way and the car is not moving until the snow is gone. In fact, my Honda is a good gauge to see how much snow we have got here because she hasn’t moved since Saturday afternoon. I hope that by Thursday I am back in decent shape or I may have to email my prof and tell her that I’m not coming to her lecture. On the last week of school … well it sucks. There’s just no way around it. But anyone who knows anything about IBS knows that the idea of being stuck on a bus for an hour and a half with a temperamental bowel is not the way to good times and I’d prefer not to risk it.

So yeah. If you could send happy digestive thoughts my way, that would be much appreciated.

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2 Responses to This week has sucked ass

  1. arwenoid says:

    aw, that sucks. 🙁 let me know if there’s anything I can do!

  2. kinky_tink says:

    So sorry to hear that you’re dealing with a flare-up. *big hugs*

    Try Ensure or Boost to make sure you get your nutrients for the day. They sell it at all grocery stores and London Drugs. Tastes like crap, but if you can drink two a day (they’re smaller than a pop) you’ll be physically nourished at least. Stay away from the fancy flavours as they taste synthetic. I go for vanilla…though if you like banana’s, I hear that one’s good.

    Sending healing bowel thoughts to you. Hope it clears up soon. 🙂

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