Katamari funnies

“My fingers sell like ass.” Edit: “smell” like ass.

“ROYAL RAINBOW!! Blaaahhhh!!”

“I want to be big enough to pick up a cat one day. Sometimes, there will be cats just handcuffed to the railing!”

“Jamie, you’re soooo big! I’ve never seen one that’s so big before!”

“What a nice katamari you have!”

“I’m the bratty star. Me me!”

“Wait, am I getting smaller? Did I lose girth?”

“Hmmm just get it bigger.”

“The universe is just not yummy enough. It’s not delicious.”


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One Response to Katamari funnies

  1. kinky_tink says:

    Perk up, loser prince!

    Graceful Rainbow! Blaaaahahhh!

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