We’re 2 for 3. What’s next?

We had the rains which created the water problem.

We had the winds which created the power problem.

What do you think is next? Earthquake? Snowstorm from hell? Tornado? There’s gotta be something … it comes in threes!

Last night I got home about 2:30 and it was a little windy but it didn’t seem that bad. When I went to bed, I cracked the window a little like I always do, and then I lay there and listened to the windchimes going absolutely bonkers. We have a thing about windchimes at our house so there’s a bunch in the front yard and a bunch in the back. I could hear the trees being blown into a frenzy, and the rain coming and going.

Finally I got up at about 4:30 to take my personal windchime down. I didn’t want it to get blown off its hook and break. My housemate bought it for me and it’s lovely. I stood in my backyard in my pajamas and flipflops, looking around in amazement. The wind was nuts, there were random flashes that I attributed at the time to lightning but perhaps they were transformers blowing, and it was … beautiful. I love storms.

I realized the power was out when I went back inside, so I grabbed my trusty headlamp to have just in case, and shut my window to conserve heat. No power = no furnace and I live in a basement. I fell asleep shortly after that, feeling all toasty in my bed.

I still don’t have power, and it’s now about 3 in the afternoon. Thankfully my parents’ came back on around 1 pm so I’m hanging out at their house until I go out tonight. It’s warm here and they have food. What’s not to love?

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