Mental note: now that school is over, I don’t have to pack my days full of activities! My last exam was on Tuesday and I still haven’t had a day where I have got to sleep in and just lounge around the whole day, never getting out of my pajamas.

I’ve had about 6 hours sleep in total in the past two nights. The first night was because of drinking wine with Tink and then the storm and then my mother phoning me bright and early. Last night I was having dinner and drinks with friends but I left at a decent hour, meaning to go straight to bed when I got home.

I meant to go home but I detoured on my way and ended up sleeping somewhere else. Actually, there wasn’t that much sleeping going on. Funny, that. *grin*

So now, I’m totally exhausted but I have just been convinced to go out to the martini party … I’m not going to drink, though. A sober night for me tonight, and I want to be home by midnight. That will still leave me with 8 hours to sleep before having to go to work. Ugh.

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  1. boundkitty8 says:

    I’m so glad you came out!!! It was good to see you…hopefully we can hang out this weekend for some herbage fun 😉

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