I’ve just come home from an early Christmas dinner at my best friend’s house with her family – 2 older sisters plus boyfriend and fiance, respectively, a younger brother, and parents. We’ve been best friends for 4 years and this is the first family gathering I have ever attended.  What is funny is that we decided, after gay marriage was approved in Canada, that we would be each other’s backup. Why not marry your best friend, get the tax benefits and all that, and be totally free to live your life as you choose? *giggle* She announced to her family one day that that was our plan, and one of her sisters made mention of it tonight. We laughed and played it up.

It was fun – good food and some good laughs, but I’m getting over a head cold and I had to duck out early. I felt a little bad leaving almost right after dinner but as it was I was afraid I might fall asleep behind the wheel on my way home.

And therefore, even though I napped for 2 hours this afternoon, I am heading to bed right now, at 930. Please let the sleepy gods be happy with me tonight!

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