I was browsing b.com today and I wanted to see who all had hotlisted me – do you know, there are 113 people who have hotlisted me and I personally know about 10 of them? It always makes me wonder why all these people have hotlisted me, especially because I don’t post in the forums anymore and so I’m not constantly in people’s faces.

And then I remember that my avatar is my ass pic and that I have pictures up of my breasts. Riiiiiight. It all comes clear now. *giggle*

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  1. dekucat says:

    dirty pervert!

    is b.com any good? I’m on alt, and it makes me despair for the future of kinky humanity. Please tell me there’s another hope….

    • Erin says:

      I was on alt for about 2 days but I got fed up with all the cock shots that were being sent to me as an invitation.

      I’ve been a member of b.com for almost 2 years and I have met 4 guys from there, T included. It’s been pretty good to me – plus they have the forums and I go through phases of being a forum whore.

      There are still issues and every once in a while I come to my LJ and talk about bashing my head through the wall at the stupidity of people on b.com, but it still beats out alt by a long shot in my books.

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