I need moosic

And I want all my friends to help me find some new kickass music.

I like most stuff except thrashy heavy metal type stuff.

Anyone got suggestions? Tell me your favourite groups and let me experience some good moosic.


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8 Responses to I need moosic

  1. arwenoid says:

    Hmm. Most of the music I like is pretty well known. Radiohead, Pulp, David Bowie, Tom Petty…

    But! Pandora.com is great for discovering new music. Enter in an artist or three that you like, and it’ll find new music for you. 🙂

  2. starra74 says:

    Hands down…

    Scissor Sisters

  3. vivbcp says:

    I’d have to second Starra on the Scissor Sisters, Filthy Gorgeous is fantastic. You might like The Cat Empire as well, nice up beat ska. And last but not least Hard Fi.

  4. booksnbeer says:


    Yep, I’ve started the new year exactly as I promised I wouldn’t do – not contacting people quickly! Anyhoo … some new musical yodelings for you… There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in England this past year Keane, Franz Ferdinand, The Streets, The Automatic, The Kaiser Chiefs. A good place to hear new stuff is listening to Radio One online at http://www.BBC.co.uk and follow the links. My favourite DJs are Chris Moyles and Colin Murray. Chris is more mainstream and Colin’s more edgy but they are both funny blokes and worth a listen to just for their inbetween song prattle.

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