idle musings for today

I was about to comment on a post about why people want to lose weight, and there are reasons like feeling better about oneself, wanting to look fabulous when one gets married, etc etc. I realized that I was about to type “So that I look fucking fantastic when I take my clothes off at parties.”

Umm yeah. That doesn’t need to get shared with random strangers. Unless they happen to be at the party where said clothes come off said person. *grin*

I slept in until noon today. There are two women out there who probably hate me for that, as they had to get up after only a few hours sleep and go to work. Life’s tough, isn’t it ladies? *giggle*

And the greatest news that I have:

He’s coming home tomorrow!! Whoo hoo!!!!!!!

I pick him up at the airport mid afternoon. I hope to be MIA for the rest of the day and hopefully right through until the end of the weekend. Don’t send out the search parties, unless they are bringing supplies and then leaving us the fuck alone. And by supplies I mean rope, wine, condoms, and maybe some protein so that he can keep his strength up.

*big happy dance*

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3 Responses to idle musings for today

  1. kinky_tink says:

    disgruntled woman #1 says, “Potted plants shouldn’t be allowed to have opinions”

  2. boundkitty8 says:

    actually LOL

    disgruntled woman #2 just checking in on the fun

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