I walked in to my class this afternoon, and a guy who never bothers to come to class sat in my usual seat. Not a big deal, except that I sit there so that I can plug in my computer. I sit down right next to him, and realize that being that close to anyone is just going to be irritating. I’m not much on having strangers in my personal space.

He had three empty seats on the other side of him, so I said to him, “Can I be really rude and ask you to move over one seat? I like to spread out my stuff …”

Him: “Why don’t you move over then?”

Me: “Because I don’t think my computer cord will stretch that far.”

Him: “I think it will.”

Me: “Well, I guess I can try to stretch it, if you really want to stay in that seat…”

Him: “I would.”

So now I have to sit with my computer sideways because otherwise the cord will fall out, and he is sitting there with the empty seats on the other side of him (which are also too far away from the plug) and I’m seriously getting irritated with people who don’t have any common courtesy.

What is wrong with people? Why are they so fucking self-centric?

Edit: I realize that this makes me seem self-centric because I didn’t get what I want, but in my defense, if someone asked me to do something to help them out, and it didn’t negatively affect me, I would not hesitate to help out. There is absolutely no reason that I can think of for why he wants to sit in that particular seat, except that he was there first.

Update: He then spent the entire class doing homework for a different class. Why even bother to show up?

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6 Responses to wtf?

  1. allyie says:

    If he didn’t have a computer—that’s just rude.

  2. kinky_tink says:

    *shakes head* tsk tsk Today’s youth, eh?

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