idle musings

I went to martial arts tonight and managed almost the entire class. My ankle felt really good – not perfect but good. Onward to the gym tomorrow!

Is there anything better than clean pjs and clean bed linen? I can’t wait to go to bed tonight.

I eat better and feel better when my house stays organized and clean. Getting enough sleep is the pivotal part of the equation. Tired = lazy = disorganized and dirty. I need to work on improving my sleep pattern.

Great quote from House: “SWS – sex while stupid.” Who hasn’t been there?

I have 3 kinds of mustard in my fridge. I have canned chili in my cupboard. I am in love with Celestial Seasoning Vanilla White Chai tea. Somehow in the past year, my taste buds have changed. Does this mean I’m *gasp* growing up? What’s next? Tomatoes? *blech*

The chair kicks ass. This will probably be a recurring theme for the next … forever. Because it’s so fucking great. And today, I did some philosophy in it, drinking herbal tea with a fuzzy blanket wrapped around my toes. Bliss. *grin*

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One Response to idle musings

  1. kinky_tink says:

    *gasp* No

    Tomatoes will always be the devil’s fruit.

    But…your taste buds will continue to change…or is that “evolve”?

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