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It was raining in Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and Chiliwack yesterday. I know because I drove through all of them.

On a related topic, I bought jerky. It’s as yummy as I remember from last summer.

I have an essay due tomorrow that is half written and I don’t plan on finishing it until tomorrow morning because I’m bad-ass like that.

I have watched six episodes of Sex and the City this evening.

I may have a new couch! A winey-purple velvet couch! For $200! Woo!

I had a physical today and was warned by the receptionist when I made my appointment that the government no longer pays for all the things they used to pay for during a physical. So I went today and got my blood pressure taken, had a breast exam, and a pap. What the fuck else used to happen during a physical? Was I missing out on stuff before? *lol*

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