Ever have those days when …

… everything just feels good in your world?

My therapist / counselor / lady I get to talk to about shit compared me to a buoy – I seem to bounce back up pretty quickly. I thought it was a good analogy. If you look at the air as being happyland and the water as being depressionville, I tend to bob along on top of the water as a glass-half-full kind of girl. You can push me under the water but as soon as the pressure is released, I come shooting back to the surface again.

The sun is shining today.

The North Shore mountains looked so spectacular yesterday covered in snow that it reaffirmed my love for where I live.

I’m going to Europe in less than three months.

There’s a hockey game on tv tonight.

I’ve actually done my reading for class today. I know – I’m shocked too.

I have friends who love me. *smooches to all of you*

And … I’m having a good hair day.

Life is good.

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  1. kinky_tink says:


    So nice to hear 🙂

    See you tonight.

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