accidental all-nighters

The first accidental all-nighter was the night my best friend and I truly became friends. She was my employee who was trying to quit smoking and I had just started up again, so we would hang out while I smoked and I would blow the smoke in her face. One night in the middle of winter she came by at closing time so we sat in her car so I would have a smoke and she could stop her craving.

Only we sat there all night. You know those nights when you’re having great conversation with someone and time just flies by? All of a sudden it was 4 in the morning so we went to the Knight and Day and had breakfast, and headed home around 8 am. The night got dubbed “The Accidental All-Nighter.”

The reason I bring this up is because that’s what happened to me last night! We all know that I’m not good at staying up late. I’m the first person to leave the party and go home – partially because I’m tired and want to sleep, and partly because my introvert nature hits a wall and says, “Enough with the people! I need silence!”

I was out of the house all day yesterday. First I had an (unnecessarily stupid) information meeting about my Prague trip that lasted from 10-3. Then I headed over to the parents’ house and had steak, coleslaw, and bean salad. The craziest thing is that the bean salad was really good! My tastebuds are started to freak me out. Then Dad and I planned out our trip that we are taking after school is finished in Prague, which took us until about 7, and then I went to meet Blythe for coffee. We hadn’t  seen each other in about a week and a half so we squished a lot of catching up into an hour and a half.

Unexpectedly, I got a call from

, inviting me over to share a bottle of wine and a pack of smokes. I had planned to go home and go to bed after meeting Blythe but I don’t see Starra that often so I jumped on her invitation. We sat on her couches and gabbed until almost 2 in the morning … which meant almost 3 in the morning with the time change.

When I left Starra’s, I realized that I had a strong second wind going so I dropped by

and Mark’s house to see what was up for the Sin City after party. It was just getting into full-swing, so I poured myself a 7-Up/Mango-something juice mix and sat down in the smoking room to enjoy the haze.

Around 4 I decided that I was ready to head home, so I told Tink that I was leaving. Her response: “I thought I was spanking you tonight!” Well, I didn’t know that that was on the menu! How can I be expected to make informed decisions when I don’t have all the information?

The spanking itself was wonderful, although with so many people hanging out and chatting in the dungeon it was hard work to get to the right head-space.

came down at one point and joined in the fun. I actually have a bruise on my ass today which is an accomplishment for Tink and I – I always break her hands before she breaks my ass. *giggle* I reached the floaty place which was also a first for the two of us playing and I think a first for me playing in a public space. It takes a lot for me to get floaty but it was almost like the distractions made me more determined to get there.

Afterwards the three of us, and various other people, hung out for a bit in Tink and Mark’s bedroom so that I could relax and come back to earth, and then I hung out for a wee bit longer in the smoking room before deciding that now it was definitely time to head home.

It was after 6 o’clock when I walked in my front door, 21 hours after I left it Saturday morning. The great thing about accidental all-nighters is that I don’t get to that ugly fuck off I need to be by myself right now place – I’m up, I’m having fun, and suddenly, it’s morning. For all those people who manage to stay up and party every weekend until the sun comes up – I tell ya, I don’t know how you do it. Even though I had lots of fun last night, some great conversation with Starra, and an ass that is sore to sit on, I couldn’t do it every weekend.

On the menu for today is the Canucks versus Ducks on PPV. Guess that means I should try to do some homework beforehand so that I am not hopelessly behind for the entire week. Only 4 more weeks of school. I can do it.

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