The reasons why this weekend has been awesome


  • went to Socrates on Trial out at UBC – it was fantastic
  • spent time with friends that I don’t get to see nearly enough
  • had some great philosophical / theological discussion and got to understand a little better a viewpoint that is different from my own
  • got home at 5am


  • slept in
  • joined the Black Belt Club at my martial arts – I’m on my way to earning that pretty black belt!
  • hung out with my brother and my dad at the hockey game – Vancouver over Detroit 4-1. Such a great game I can’t even put it into words here
  • went out of my comfort zone in going to a dyke party and had a lot of fun
  • got spanked for the second weekend in a row and now I have bruises on top of bruises *grin*
  • had yummy chicken quesadillas (with terrible service but damn the food was good)
  • got home around 3am


  • slept in
  • cleaned my kitchen
  • my co-worker came and picked up my old couch
  • I’m getting rid of all my recycling today – even though it’s hidden underneath the sink it picks at me when I know that cupboard is bursting full
  • hopefully going for coffee with my best friend who I also don’t get to see nearly enough
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One Response to The reasons why this weekend has been awesome

  1. kinky_tink says:

    Thanks for being my “date” for the party.
    See you scratch my back, I … your …! *eg*

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