Whining about school. You’ve been warned.

Just because it’s been ages since I did one of these posts – let me tell you all how FUCKED I am.

Making this LJ cut made my entry disappear because I hit the wrong key. In a nutshell – my paper sucks, it’s due tomorrow, I can’t look at it any longer but all the caffeine and sugar has finally woken me up and now I feel too wired to go to bed.

The paper would not have been any better if I’d written it any sooner because one of the idiots who is analyzing this particular play cannot write clearly what his thesis is, let alone what his argument is supposed to be, and I am supposed to figure this out and compare him to this other guy. Difficult when guy #1 goes off on tangents about nothing relevant, and the “lectures” in class consisted of absolutely nothing useful.

If I get out of this class with 70% I will be ecstatic.

I hate nihilism. Hateithateithateit.

Profs who don’t teach you anything shouldn’t get paid or something.

I’m bitter right now. I wish I still smoked because this would be the perfect time to go have a smoke. Alas, the thought leaves my lungs screaming, “Don’t you dare!” so for the time being, I will continue to be a non-smoker.

Right. Plan of attack:

  • look over essay so far. Proof-read to make what you have sound smart(ish)
  • set up coffee maker for the morning. Love to press the button and go back to bed for 15 minutes
  • go to bed and attempt to sleep
  • set alarm for 6:30. It’s gonna suck but whatever
  • spew some bullshit on the screen, hit print, and drop it off up the mountain

*goes off mumbling stupidstupidstupidstupidstupid*

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