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I just saw a commercial that normally would make me angry but instead all I could think to myself was…

I love hephalumps.

In other news, I finished my essay today and got that monkey off my back.

I went for a 45 minute walk with Blythe which was lovely since we never hang out, due to her insane amounts of homework and studying. Apparently, to be a nurse, you have to know things? Ya, weird.

I went to my first kickboxing class at the dojo tonight. Now that I am part of the Black Belt Club, I can attend these classes. And lemme tell ya, it kicked my ass. Almost an hour of non-stop cardio drills. Must remember to eat before I go – I hadn’t eaten since noon and the class started at 7:30. Hard cardio on an empty stomach has the curious effect of making you want to puke. Not sure what exactly that would entail but I imagine it wouldn’t be pleasant. I had to sit down for a couple minutes with my head between my knees. I haven’t felt that way since my first couple of martial arts classes.

The Scrubs episode that Arwenoid and I watched at the Vancouver Dungeon party was on tv tonight so I got to watch it all the way through without interruptions. Well, except for commercials. But if it hadn’t been for the commercials, I wouldn’t have seen the hephalump, so it all worked out for the best.

And now – bed.

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2 Responses to idle musings

  1. kinky_tink says:

    I love hephalumps.

    According to the urban dictionary:

    1. originates from the word ‘elefant’ crossed with heffer (fat person) This word can be used 2 describe somebody with large butt/nose/ears, or is just incredibly ugly

    2.The act of spreeding ones butt cheeks and vomiting into their open ass.

    3.A heffalump is a creature mentioned in the Winnie the Pooh stories. Original books depict heffalumps as looking very much like elephants.

    I’m rather hoping you’re shooting for #3

    • Erin says:

      Of course it’s number 3! I’ve never heard of those other two, and even if I had, can you imagine me using a term that meant those? I do *not* think so!

      It was the Mastercard commercial where the elephant buys soup and cough medicine and a blanket for his caregiver because he has a cold, and it was just absolutely adorable.

      Ever since I was little and read the Winnie the Pooh books and listen to them on talking tapes I have always called elephants “heffalumps”. It’s more fun to say. 🙂

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