Three weeks of freedom

School is done. This stupid-shitty-terrible-awful-make-me-want-to-quit-school-forever semester is over.

The bad news is that I am almost positive that I failed my exam tonight, but I should still pass the course. Barely. I’ve never gotten a C before so we’ll see what that’s like. If I’m lucky, I suppose – I may get out of this course with a D. Yeah. It’s been that bad.

In the other bad news, I handed in a paper for my crush (remember him from a month ago or so?) because he lives in Winnipeg and he had already gone home when the essay was due. I know that I handed it in with mine because I double-checked that I had it a million times because I was so paranoid about something happening to it. And now, I got an email from him tonight saying he got zero because it never got handed in. ARGH!!! I hope he’s kidding – I emailed him back and told him I handed it in, and begged for him to be kidding, but he hasn’t emailed me back yet.

I just saw Burtuzzi on tv talking about Detroit’s loss to Calgary tonight and man, he looks rough! He’s lost a lot of weight and his face looks gaunt. Add the missing teeth and the fact that he always looks like he’s super pissed off and he was not a pretty boy.

And speaking of boys – my boy. Trev. Game winner. Does anything else have to be said?

You know you live in a hockey town when the prof is updating the score of the game on the board during an exam. *lol*

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3 Responses to Three weeks of freedom

  1. kinky_tink says:

    Hurrrrraayyyyy! Freedom!

  2. aka_eve says:

    Oh to be done… it’s such a distant concept right now… I wrote my first today, and I’m pretty sure I bombed it. Not a great way to start the exam period. I honestly don’t think I wrote a single thing that was worth reading. Hopefully my prof is insanely high when he reads it and thinks it’s the work of a chaotic genius.

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