Playing a game of wait and see

One of the more frustrating things about SFU, or at least the departments that I belong to there, is that there is not a list that says X percentage = Y letter grade. I don’t know if it is up to the individual profs or if there is a curve taking place, but I am constantly surprised at my grades.

First example: I have two letter grades in so far. I have an A- in my religions class, which surprised me until I remembered that there were a lot of smart people in that class and so I probably got curved down. I expected an A.

Second example: I have a B in my nihilism class. I know that my percentage was 73% and I expected that to be a B-. I think I got curved up because that was a difficult class and the last essay was hard.

I’m waiting on the calendar class and the ethics class. Ethics is going to be my worst mark ever (except for the F in college but that had a particular reason behind it). I’m expected a C or C-. Or maybe even a D. In that class I would appreciate any help I can get from a curve but I’m not holding my breath.

I have absolutely no idea about the calendar class. Our term paper was due the week before the semester ended so it was not marked in time to give back to us, and that essay and the take-home final made up the majority of the grade. I have never had that prof before so I have no idea how he marks and where I will fall in terms of the average. I’m hoping that the calendar mark will help to offset the terribleness that is my ethics mark, and that my GPA won’t fall too far. Crosses fingers.

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  1. dekucat says:

    You should be told at the beginning of the class, in writing, what the grading standard is. Some departments, such as psychology, will grade on a curve, others will use straight percentages. If you don’t see this information spelled out in the course documentation, ask them for it.

    • Erin says:

      I have never once, in my 15 classes at SFU, been given this information. It was standard at Cap College to provide it, but it’s not at the big kid school, and I think it’s on purpose so that they can adjust grades.

  2. arwenoid says:

    If you fail at ethics, does that mean… you’re not ethical? 😀

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