Buh-bye Turco!

Last night my Mum got the whole family to write down our predictions for the game tonight and we folded them up so no one could see.

Mum: Dallas 3-0
Me: Dallas 2-1 in overtime
Dad: Vancouver 2-1
My brother (who is a Red Sox fan so has faith even when there is no faith to be had) predicted Vancouver 4-1!!!

He told me that at the beginning of the game and I was like, “Four goals? Are you crazy?”

Apparently not.

And Trevor, with his game winner again … I love him.

And Luongo – I love him.

And can the colour commentator for CBC please learn that Bieksa is pronounced exactly how it looks? Bee-ek-sa. I may have to email CBC and bitch them out.

Four wins down. Twelve more to the CUP!

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