The semester from hell is finally 100% over

I am breathing a huge sigh of relief, although I am a little puzzled.

All my grades have been posted. A-, B+, B, B-. It means my GPA has only dropped from 3.45 to 3.36. I was expecting much worse.

I would be interested to know how I managed to get a B- in my Ethics class, but I don’t want to inquire because maybe it’s a mistake and I don’t want to argue. I’ll take it!

I just did my taxes and am of course getting all of my tax back. Starbucks stopped taking tax from my paycheques because they are so small. *lol* Also, I didn’t have to claim all my tuition or my donations to get my maximum back, so I can roll those over to another year when I make more money. That year will not be 2007, but hopefully 2008 I will be bringing in the big bucks. Yeah right.

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4 Responses to The semester from hell is finally 100% over

  1. Anonymous says:

    good job! Glad to hear that you’re ethical after all. 😉

  2. aka_eve says:

    Congrats babe! My last one’s on Sat, I can’t wait for this semester to be finished!

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