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Kickboxing class rocked tonight. We did most of the class using the Fatboys. (I don’t know what they are actually called, but they are like punching bags that are on a heavy base instead of hanging from the ceiling.) I was still sore from the class on Tuesday but I’m glad I went.

I realized on the drive home that being single and celibate is so incredibly stress-free for me and that makes me happy. So, it’s quite possible that I will live alone forever, surrounded by my dogs and cats that I plan to get as soon as I move out of this house, and the idea doesn’t make me sad – it makes me smile.

Finally received some info about the Humanities travel award that I had applied for. It’s worth $1500 so I was hoping pretty bad that I would be approved – and I was!! That means that I only have about $150 left in payments for my trip and then spending money to take care of. *huge sigh of relief*

I managed to get some cleaning / organizing things accomplished around the house today. I dunno what it is – I’ve been done school for almost a week and a half but haven’t done much, and yet I’ve been busy every day. I made a big “To Do” list with all the cleaning on it that needs to get done before I go away (I’m absolutely anal about coming home to a perfectly clean house) and the stuff I need to do or buy before I leave. I spaced it out so that I don’t feel like I’m doing everything all at once, but I still should be done by the end of next week. That’s perfect timing for a few days to kick back and do nothing, then back to school for a couple days, and then GONE.

I leave for Prague in 18 days. When the hell did that happen?

Listened to the sports radio today and got pissed off at all the bandwagon jumpers. Waaa the Canucks lost a game; they suck! Please. They were missing two of their top four defensemen, they had been commuting to Dallas for the past two weeks, and they didn’t even get a chance to practise between game 7 with the Stars and game 1 with the Ducks. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. Game 2 will be much better.

Best news – I’m reading again. I can’t remember if I posted about this, but I wasn’t reading anything that wasn’t school related for a while. And when I say a while, I mean about six months or more. For someone who knew how to read before I went to kindergarten, and has always chosen reading over tv for my whole life, it was disconcerting. I just didn’t have the patience, the mindset, the ability to sit down and be engaged by the written word. And thankfully that has finally finished. Since the semester ended I have read four books and am well into the fifth. Two of them are repeats, because I like to revisit old friends, and three of them were new. Arwenoid, in case you’re interested, they were the next two books in the Pink Carnation series. I like ’em. 🙂

So now I am going to lie on my couch and read for the next 45 minutes until Scrubs is on again at 11:30, then toddle off to bed so that I can be rested for my open at work tomorrow. I picked up an extra shift, so now this week I will have worked 3 shifts!! I’m not sure if I can manage the workload! *laughing*

Good night.

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  1. vivbcp says:

    18 days!! Thats awesome, you must be so excited!!! Have you planned out many places/things to see & do?

  2. booksnbeer says:


    That’s great you’ve done so well in your exams, you must be stoked it’s all over and done with now. Wow, and what nice stuff you have to look forward to as well, I can’t believe you’re going to Prague so soon. It seemed like forever away when we sat at Joe and Lori’s and you told us all about it. I guess that was months ago now. Myabe we can arrange to get together before you head over seas, it would be lovely to see you. Bloody hell, I don’t think we’ve even seen you this year, that’s terrible! Enjoy your chores, Tracey

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