Feeling a little surreal

It’s my last night in my house until I come home, which is in 69 days. I just added it up.

I said goodbye to my dad today. I won’t see him again until June 30 when he is getting off the plane in Prague to meet me for our big adventure. He’s headed to Toronto for some family business tomorrow and he returns Monday evening … I leave Monday afternoon.

I leave in five more sleeps.

For those of you who haven’t seen this link yet, here is my travel LJ which is where all my pictures and stories will be. Unless they are … um … not fit for parental consumption, shall we say. And then they will be posted here. *grin*

The group has been gelling the last two days, being stuck in a classroom with each other for 6 hours a day. I’m much more optimistic about getting along with them. I guess the first meet-up was just bad first impressions and I’m really glad that I decided to leave my preconceptions at home yesterday and go in with a fresh perspective. I’m sure that everyone will start to drive everyone else a little crazy but that’s what headphones and i-pods are for.

I’m planning to be at Fridee Fixe on Friday so if you wanna say goodbye and you haven’t done so yet, drop by.

I guess that’s all I have to say, other than I had to join Facecrack today because of my Prague group, and I still think that the site is stupid and poorly set up, and that everyone who is addicted needs to get over it and come back to their familiar LJ addictions because I miss my friends. *sob sob*

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2 Responses to Feeling a little surreal

  1. kinky_tink says:

    Wow…that sure crept up fast. Ack!

    You must be getting soooo excited!

  2. vivbcp says:

    69 days eh? is that number just a coincidence? Anyways, hope you have a fantastic trip!! I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you get back.
    ps:it was great seeing you at the party showdown last weekend!

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