I’m feeling much better after my whiny post of the other day. I’m back in Prague, my Visa should arrive tomorrow, and I have created a new profile on Facebook that will allow me to be all kinds of crazy on there without having awkward conversations with my Prague people.

The new profile is Flirty Bottom, so if you received a Friends Request, that’s me. A couple of you I couldn’t find through searches, so you’ll have to find me and add me first. My profile pic is my oh-so-lovely “Spank” panties shot – it’s becoming famous, I swear.

Hope to get some friends on there quickly and start the flirty fun. *grin*

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  1. allyie says:

    *wants to be your friend, but doesn’t want to feel stalkerish*

    I know you won’t stalk me…
    IM me LiciaLoveXD
    if you want my name to add me…

    balls in your court XD

  2. allyie says:

    i cant find you 🙁

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