the strangeness of human beings

I am struck dumb by the stupidity of people. I shouldn’t be – I know the depths that people will go to be lazy and not work at things, but would shitting your pants in public be a reasonable trade-off against not absorbing as much fat from the food you are shoving in your face?

Please go here and read this write-up about a “new” diet pill on the market in the states. It had me laughing out loud while simultaneously cringing in horror.

Oh, and I finished Harry Potter, am mostly satisfied with how it turned out (but it was a little predictable, even for me and I am known for not predicting the most obvious of plot twists), and can now continue with my normally scheduled life.

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  1. boundkitty8 says:

    wow, I haven’t laughed so f-ing hard in forever. my mouth hurts from laughing.

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