I’m pissed. My Flirty Bottom account has suddenly been disabled. I checked it earlier today, around 2, and it was fine. Just tried to sign it, and it tells me that it has been disabled. I have emailed the address they gave me to report this, and received an automated response saying that action has been taken on my account and they are looking into it for me.

What the fuck?

Has this happened to anyone else?

I can only think of two reasons – either they caught on to the fact that I’m not using a real name (in which case I expect others would have their accounts disabled as well), or I got reported for something or other (which would be bullshit because there is nothing on that account that breaks the law, such as paedophilia for example).

So seriously. I reluctantly get on the Facebook bandwagon and now I’m being kicked off?

I’m irked.

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  1. kinky_tink says:


    I thought it weird that I couldn’t find you on Three Stumps anymore.

    I think it’s because they figured out it was a pseudonym. Though there are several other friends still on with just as obvious fake names “pixie lust” for one. Others have fake names, but they are passable, like “ocean stone” …may have just had hippie parents.

    You’d think they’d give you some warning though.

    • Erin says:

      Re: *sigh*

      That’s exactly the point. No warning. Suddenly no access to photos that I’ve uploaded, etc. I told them off in the email I sent them.

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