Being green

I bought an outdoor compost today. No more throwing veggie matter into the garbage. Hooray!

As it is, my small garbage can is about half full every week on garbage day. I want to see if I can get down to quarter full, or in other words, one small grocery bag of garbage every week. It’s a very realistic plan and I’m stoked to finally be on my way with the compost. My upstairs neighbour is on board with it and is going to be using it as well.

Now if I could just remember to put my reusable bags back in the car after using them … that’s the next goal.

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  1. boundkitty8 says:

    I really like the idea of composting. Tristan bought one for the house here awhile back and we’ve been using it like stink. Coupled with recycling, wow, it’s a major difference the amount of stuff that ends up in the garbage!

    • Erin says:

      Yeah, it’s crazy how much stuff we throw away that doesn’t need to be. I’m trying to be conscious of that, not just when sorting garbage and recycling but also at the grocery store to try to buy things with less packaging.

      I know you’re moving (but I haven’t heard where or anything yet …?) and if you move into an apartment, you can get a worm box to keep on your balcony which takes up much less room than a full compost and does the same job. Dunno if you’ve heard of them before or not. 🙂

      • arwenoid says:

        I really, really wish I could do a compost. Alas. But I’m not willing to have one in my apartment, and we don’t have a balcony. :/

        • Erin says:

          Have you considered asking your building manager if you could have one by the garbages? If done properly, they do not smell and do not attract flies or rodents. And the owner could sell the composted material for a profit! You never know – with environmental awareness growing every day, maybe you could start a trend with communal apartment composting!

          • arwenoid says:

            I doubt it would stay unmolested — we have an extremely high rate of binners in this neighbourhood, not to mention racoons, skunks and other such creatures.

            And contacting my landlords is a task better left to others. They piss me off. 🙂

          • Erin says:

            I’m assuming binners are the same as divers … if they can get to your garbage anyway, would it make a difference if there was a compost as well? And I dunno who would want to eat compost, even people who don’t have anything to eat. Well, maybe.

            I totally understand about the landlord thing. I hated having to contact my old landlord for anything and I love that I don’t have a landlord anymore.

            Still, it’s too bad that problems like these mean that we contribute more to the landfills. If I ruled the world, things would be different I tell ya!

          • arwenoid says:

            Mostly, I just expect that it’d get wrecked or stolen, not that anyone would sort through for food. Our garbage gets dumped out on the street enough as it is.

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