Waste not, want not

Newest green initiative:

I have one of those tvs that is always on, with the little green light that lets me know that it is always sucking power. I have taken the power bar that my old desktop computer used to plug into, and have plugged my tv and vcr into it. Now, when I am done watching tv, I turn off the power bar and voila! The tv is no longer wasting power.

If anyone has any suggestions of things that you are doing around your house to be green, I’d love to hear them.

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7 Responses to Waste not, want not

  1. kinky_tink says:

    I bathe only once a week. All that hot water is saved. And they have such great perfumes these days that with only one little squirt, I smell real good.

    I wash my clothes only once I’ve worn them at least 7 times, except underwear, of course. Each pair can only be worn four times with proper flipping.

    I share needles and condoms with friends, sharing things cuts down on production of new products.

  2. rock_grrl says:

    We only wash our clothes is cold water and only do large loads (heh) … and because we use cold water, we wash our lights and darks together so we never have a smaller ‘light colour’ wash.
    We have those power-save light bulbs everywhere.
    We shower together every morning (my favourite!) and have a water-saving shower head.
    We don’t have a car so either walk, cycle, or take the bus.
    We are going to be starting a compost bin.
    We have a “no junk mail” sign on our door.
    We give stuff away on vancouverfreecycle instead of throwing things out.
    We try to keep the furnace as low as possible in the winter and just wear extra layers.
    We have two water-filled wine bottles in the back of the toilet to save water when we flush.
    We use vinegar and water to clean with instead of harsh chemical cleaners.

    That’s all I can think of now. 🙂

    • Erin says:

      Awesome – good for you guys! I need to put a bottle in my toilet. I meant to when I had a new toilet installed but somehow I never got around to it. That’s going on the list.

      I just started the compost bin and I love the fact that my veggie stuff no longer goes in the garbage. I trundle a bowl out there almost every day.

      And I forgot about vancouverfreecycle. I have some stuff to get on there because I want it gone!

    • arwenoid says:

      I’m stuck with the junk mail, but I at least put it to good purpose: My rat destroys it and pees on it and generally demolishes it. I also occasionally throw bills in there. Take THAT, Visa!

      He’s even more fun than a shredder.

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