I hate people

There’s a post in a dog community that I belong to here on LJ where a woman is asking advice about how to make her dog’s crate drier, since her dog has such separation anxiety that it pees in the crate when it is shoved in there and left there from 8:30-5 every day!!! I finally snapped. I’ve been reading posts about crating in this community and ignoring them as much as possible, but I finally had to say something.

I’m afraid that I wasn’t as diplomatic as I could have been, in my second post at least. My first, I simply suggested seeing a trainer to work on the separation anxiety, and mentioned that I’m not a fan of crating. Then things got snarky and I went on a rant.

A crate is a fancy name for a cage. If it’s small and locked, it’s a cage. It’s not better for the dog – it’s easier for the human. No worrying about how the house looks when you get home – it’ll be exactly the same because you shoved your dog in a cage and left it alone, bored and unhappy.

If you take an animal into your house, you owe it to the animal to do your best by it. That means properly training it, and if you are unable to do so yourself then you need to cough up and get a professional to help you. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have animals. Shoving it into a cage when you aren’t home is not a solution. Ever.

Would you shove a child into a cage because it was messy? Or loud? Or didn’t behave itself every second of every day? No. So why would anyone think that it’s acceptable to do the same to an animal?

Seriously. I hate people. Hate them. I want this to wear out in public so that I can share my hate with the world.

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  1. kinky_tink says:

    Hear! Hear!

    Totally agree.

  2. arwenoid says:

    To be honest, I think crating has its place. In some cases, it’s safer for the animal. Owning a rather destructive beast myself, I can definitely understand it.

    However, if the dog is freaking out so much as to pee itself, the crate is NOT doing what it’s intended to. The crate is supposed to be a safe place, a den, a place where they’ll go voluntarily and happily. A dog will not purposely soil its den, and will not freak out if she feels “safe”. Obviously, this is not working. That is NOT a crate trained animal.

    My dog is restricted to my bedroom when I’m not home. She’s crate trained, to a certain extent, but doesn’t like being in her crate when there’s someone else home. Jenn gets home before me, so that’s no good — it’d just stress her out. She also has major fear issues, so restricting her in a way that she can’t escape and feels trapped is not good either.

    I’m not crazy about crating every day, all day, either. Justice’s crate training, for me, is more useful for travelling — hotels and such are much happier having a pet stay if it’s crate trained. She’d be okay on a short flight, in a vehicle that didn’t have a spare seatbelt for her (I prefer to have her in her own seatbelt, she has a seatbelt harness to go with it) or if there was some sort of emergency. I definitely approve of crate training your dog. Just not every day, all day, to the point where they’re so freaked out that they pee. Jesus.

    So, I put up with the occasional destruction, and learn not to leave things out. (Today: The TAG off of a pair of pajamas. Huh. How odd.) 🙂

    I’ve seen dogs who can be left in a crate during the day, for a maximum of 6-8 hours. Mine ain’t one of them. That one isn’t either.

    • Erin says:

      There’s a whole back story to her tale too – the dog is 8 years old, a rescue dog, etc. And now it’s so stressed that it pees in it’s crate because of the separation anxiety and the woman’s concern is how to stop the dog lying in the pee all day long … not to help her dog overcome her issues. It upsets me.

      I agree that crate training has it’s uses like you mentioned. I would crate-train a dog for those exact reasons but it wouldn’t be something that happens every day – rather, if the need arose, the dog would know that the crate was an okay place to be, and that it wouldn’t last for too long.

      I plan to adopt dogs and the rescue society that I donate to (Animal Advocates) doesn’t adopt to people who use crates in the way that this woman does – because it’s not a good way for an animal to live it’s life. And it makes me so angry when I read things like this that I think I’m going to have to leave that community because I don’t want to think about dogs spending their lives cooped up in cages.

      • arwenoid says:

        Yeah, that sucks. Poor dog. I mean, I know my dog has issues, but we’re WORKING on them. I really hope her solution doesn’t end up being “get a crate with a wire bottom”. Gah.

        Y’know, I’m actually not a fan of Animal Advocates. Like a lot of organizations… they started out with some good ideas, but got more radical than I can agree with. I dislike places with no sense of compromise. For example… because I work full time, they don’t think I should own a dog. Well, chances are that without me, my dog would have been deemed “unadoptable” due to her issues and put down. I’d like to think that this is the better option. I also think that despite being away during the day, I’m a pretty darn good dog owner and my girl adores me. Hell, she’s even slowly getting over some of her issues, and we’re working on the rest. 🙂

        As much as I appreciate that they only want dogs to have perfect homes… I don’t think their standards are realistic. And there’s no such thing as “perfect”.

        • Erin says:

          She listed a few possible options that she was going to try – a wire bottom was one of them. She was asking for feedback as to whether her dog would be too heavy as they are designed (I think?) primarily for puppies who of course are much lighter than a full grown dog.

          I agree with you about what you’ve said about AA but I also think that they do a lot of good work in rehabilitating dogs and rescuing dogs. If, when the day comes and I want to get a dog, they won’t adopt to me because I’m not one of their “perfect owners” (because let’s face it – I will be going to work every day) then I will adopt from somewhere else. But that doesn’t stop me from supporting them in the good stuff that they do. 🙂

          • arwenoid says:

            Brutal. Poor dog. :/

            What community is that?

          • Erin says:

            dog_lovers, I think is how it’s spelt. I don’t know how to to link in comments.

            Someone did another post today about crating and asking how to get their adult dog to stop freaking out when they crate it all day when they’re at work, and she was the first person to respond. She said, “Good luck” and linked to her thread.

            I left the community. I can’t deal with that kind of crap. People are idiots.

          • arwenoid says:

            Gah. Yeah, now she’s just being obstinate. Honestly, if the dog is happy being in the crate, then crate. It sounds like her other dog is fine crated. Great. But this dog is NOT happy in the crate! I understand the woes of separation anxiety — Justice ain’t great with it herself… but we’re working on it. And “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is bullshit.

            How about working on fixing the underlying problem, rather than coming up with a bandaid solution? Gah.

          • Erin says:

            That’s just it – she wants to fix the symptom (the fact that her dog lies in it’s own urine all day) rather than fixing the problem (the separation anxiety). That was my original point in the post – if you are unable to fix the problem, get a trainer who can help you. Her response to that was that she doesn’t have money for things like that, plus dogs are better off being crated while she’s at work and she’ll always crate from now on, seeing how great it is.

            I think, if you adopt a dog that comes from a bad situation (as hers was) then you need to be prepared for costs in training because likely the dog will have behavioural problems. If you can’t afford the care that your dog will need, don’t get the dog.

  3. rock_grrl says:

    What a horrible dog owner! I specifically do not have a dog because Greg and I are not home all day and I don’t want to own a dog without the proper space and time to care for it properly (luckily, cats are different). Clearly this woman shouldn’t be a dog owner.

    • Erin says:

      I agree. I posted that. She took offense and told me to “get off my Peta soapbox” or something to that effect. I’ve now left the thread because I don’t like the way I feel when I get that angry.

  4. vivbcp says:

    I think you did the right thing.

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