spam spam spam spam!

Another question for those more internet-savvy than me:

I was just idling browsing through my spam mail in my gmail account (which I do periodically to ensure that I’m not missing anything) and I saw two emails that had been sent from my own email address.

#1: I don’t understand how this could be, as of course it requires a password to get into the account in the first place.

#2: Is my account now spamming other people?

#3: How do I stop this?

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2 Responses to spam spam spam spam!

  1. arwenoid says:

    1) not technically.

    2) not technically.

    3) you don’t. 🙂

    The “from” address on an email means generally nothing. With any email client, you can simply toss in whatever you’d like. If you wanted to send emails from, you could and nothing that the people who own could do a thing about it, much less bob.

    Spammers never put their own email address in the “from” field. If they did that, they’d get masses of bounces from all the email addresses that no longer exist. So they put in fake addresses, or worse, your address. (This is occasionally particularly bad for me, as I have a catchall on my domain name… which means any spam from bounces back to me. wooha.)

    Anyway. Don’t worry about it. You’re not doing anything, and there’s nothing you CAN do anyway. 🙂 Nobody (at least, nobody who can do anything like add you to a black hole list) thinks that you’re spamming, because they all know that the “from” line means exactly jack shit.

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